The national coach selects two Bernese women for the Olympic team

EDE National coach Arno Havenga has announced the thirteen water polo players heading to the Olympics in Tokyo. Edis Iris wolves (in archive photo), and Simon van de Groats and polar bears including Joan Conders. Evangelos Dowd, who lives in Eday, and the head coach of Polar Pierce last year also attended as assistant coaches.

Earlier this year, Dutch water polo girls qualified for the sport for the first time since the 2008 Olympic qualifiers in Trieste (Italy). Thirteen years ago, the Orange team became the Olympic champion in Beijing. The Orange team will appear in Tokyo in the following order: Brigitte Sleek (Wytex GJC Tonk), Nomi Stomborst (Vytex GJC Tonk), Sabrina van der Slot (CN Sabadel, Spain), Vivian Sevenich (c. N. Maduro, Spain), Simone van de Groats (Polar Bears), Iris Wolves (CE Mediterranean, Spain), Martje Kyuning (CN Kitty-Lynn Justra (Call-USA), John Coenders (Polar) Bears, Goalkeeper) and Debbie Willems (Widex GC Tonk, Goalkeeper).

In addition to Havenga, the staff includes Evangelos Dowd Dosis (assistant coach), Eneck Yepperlon (team manager), Mark Smith (physiotherapist), Digirt de Vries (physician) and Chris Hendricks (video analyst). The water polo girls will fly to Tokyo on Tuesday, July 13 for a training camp in Ciba with the United States and travel to the Olympic Village on Wednesday, July 21. The first group match will be against Australia on Monday 26 July. During games, only twelve names are allowed in the score.

Arno Havenga: ,, I already had the skeleton of the team in my head for a while, but it took a long time to decide who was the best in which positions to fill the last names. I shatter an Olympic dream of my choice, I fully realize that they have worked so hard for so many years and left so much more. That too is part of the best game and the job of the national coach. I am happy for those who come along, but in the end the women who did not participate in Tokyo are equally valuable in the whole process towards this. I noticed that this is also experienced on our team: there is great similarity. ”

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Water polo girls can be admired twice in their own home before leaving for Tokyo. Hofat in The Hague hosts the Orange ‘Vasco Goodbye Tournament’ against Italy on Tuesday, June 29 and Thursday, July 1. Both matches are open to the public again starting at 6.30pm. Later in the evening (9pm), the Dutch men will also play against Germany.

Olympic Games Pool Classification: Pool A: Netherlands, Australia, Spain, South Africa and Canada Pool B: Japan, United States, China, Russia and Hungary

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