The Netherlands and Latvia were once an important poster for the European Championships

Without the contribution of the Indriksons, who had also been president of the federation for many years, there was now little left of the national team. Skonto Riga also no longer exists. During qualifying for the next European Championship, she lost all the matches except for the Emperor’s Beard match against Austria.

In 2004, when Latvia was at an all-time high in football, another great event happened with its membership in the European Union. Since then, the population has been free to pursue their happiness beyond the borders, making Latvia the fastest-shrinking country in Europe.

Will the new Maris Verpakovskis rise again?

The best player the country has ever produced has seen something in striker Vladislav Gutkovskis, who is now also part of the selection. “He might one day end up in a major foreign competition.”

He eventually became Raku for the 25-year-old striker, at the highest level in Poland. Gotkovskis also recently achieved his first two international goals. Admittedly all against the dwarves of San Marino and Andorra soccer, but the beginning is there.

Young national coach Daens Kazakheviks (39) is given time to build a new team and has remained unbeaten with Latvia in seven of his nine international matches as the main official, although the opposition has yet to write anything about it. The first match of the World Cup Qualifiers narrowly lost to Montenegro on Wednesday (1-2).

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