The Netherlands extradites a Russian to the United States for money laundering Technique

Dutch authorities extradited a Russian man to the United States. Denis Mihaklovich Dubnikov, 29, accused of laundering ransom money from ransomware victims US Department of Justice Wednesday.

Victims have been harmed by Ryuk ransomware. The program was used last year to block the systems of major US hospital chain UHS. In the end, UHS had to pay the equivalent of 66 million euros to regain access to its computer systems, the chain said in its financial statement. Annual Report From 2021.

Dubnikov was arrested on November 2, 2021 by the Dutch Marechaussee in Schiphol, at the request of the FBI, and wrote, among other things Volkskrant. According to court documents, the Russian and his co-defendants laundered the proceeds of ransomware attacks against US individuals and organizations.

In July 2019, the Russian allegedly laundered more than $400,000 in ransom money. Before that, he “took several steps to conceal the source of the payments,” says the DOJ. If convicted, Dubnikov faces a maximum prison sentence of 20 years.

Other suspects in the case are said to have laundered at least $70 million of the ransom money.

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