The Netherlands is fifth in the virtual medal level in Beijing 2022

The Netherlands will win twenty medals at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, one more than in 2018 in PyeongChang. This is the prediction of the Gracenote data agency, one year before the games start in Beijing. With this harvest, the Netherlands will take fifth place in the medal list. Gracenote expects skiers and short trackers to take care of the slides as usual.

Norway, as in Pyeongchang, will top the medal level at the end of the Games with a record 41 medals, two more than in 2018. Norwegians usually excel in cross-country skiing and the triathlon.

Russia is second in medals expectation, with 34 medals, double what it was in 2018. Gracenote assumes that Russians who win medals will actually participate. Russia has been suspended as a country due to the widespread doping scandal, but athletes proven to be free of doping are allowed to participate under the neutral Olympic flag.

According to Gracenot’s predictions, Germany and the United States took 31 and 24 medals, respectively, taking the third and fourth places in the medal list. China will not be performing better as a host than it was in 2018 in BinongChang. Gracenote expects eight medals in Beijing 2022.

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