The Netherlands is on Russia’s list of “unfriendly countries”

Russia has a Monday 48 countries, including the Netherlands, as “unfriendly”. The Russian government has announce† The official RIA news agency reports that dealings with companies and individuals from these countries must now first be approved by a special oversight committee of the Russian government.

The list includes countries that have imposed severe economic sanctions on Russia, according to the government’s “unfriendly measures”. This includes all EU member states, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan and Australia.

The list of countries published by Russia on Monday is drawn from the presidential decree issued on March 5. This allows Russian companies and citizens to repay their debts to parties of these “unfriendly countries” not in foreign currency, but in rubles. This amount must be deposited in a specially opened Russian bank account. This scheme applies only to repayment installments over 10 million rubles per month (about 66,000 euros per month).

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