The Netherlands is the largest beer exporter in the European Union, and non-alcoholic beer is becoming increasingly popular

Heineken 0.0 non-alcoholic beer produced at the brewery in Den Bosch.ANP . image

Figures from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) show that more than €2 billion of beer was exported last year. The United States turned out to be the largest buyer, with 121 million euros worth of non-alcoholic beer. This trend is irreversible, the Netherlands has been exporting more and more beer without alcohol in recent years.

The Netherlands has been the largest exporter of alcoholic beer for twenty years, although Belgium is getting closer and closer. The value of Belgian exports increased fivefold during the period 2000-2020. Germany and France are the third and fourth exporters of alcoholic beer in Europe.

However, Mexico is at a lonely peak, Mexicans now export twice as much beer as the Netherlands. America still loves Dutch beer, 37 percent of alcoholic beer is made in the Netherlands. 42 percent of the non-alcoholic beer from the Netherlands also goes to the United States. However, Mexico is winning on several fronts. At least 71 percent of the beer imported into the United States in 2020 came from Mexico.

CBS numbers show that non-alcoholic beer is still gaining momentum. Since 2017, beer containing less than 0.5 percent has been classified as alcohol-free and taken into account in statistics. Until 2018, Germany was the leading exporter of non-alcoholic beer, and the Netherlands took over this position.

Moreover, the export of non-alcoholic beer grew faster (+83 percent) than the export of beer with alcohol (+11 percent). Bulgaria shows remarkable growth as a non-alcoholic beer exporter, ahead of Poland, Spain and Belgium.

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