The Netherlands sends a sports minister to Qatar, just like Germany

Last month, the majority of parliament members turned against a delegation from a minister to the Qatar World Cup. The government at that time already announced that it would not respond to this, but had not yet announced who would make the trip to the oil state. according to RTL News It will be Kony Helder.

In any case, Helder will attend a match for the Dutch national team. If the Dutch national team reaches far in the tournament, others, such as Prime Minister Rutte or King Willem-Alexander, can travel as well.

The government is expected to announce this decision within a few days. The “Rutte” and “the king” options will remain open for a longer time. The cabinet has already announced that it wants to send a “regular ministerial delegation” to Qatar. But who this was, and whether the king would also go, remained unclear.

Paris boycotts the World Cup

Sending a ministerial delegation is a delicate matter, as the House of Representatives has already made clear. Thousands perished in appalling conditions for the workers who built the stadiums. They had to work for a long time and do hard work in extreme temperatures. Housing was also well below standard and workers had no rights.

However, the Cabinet wants to travel to Qatar because the country is important as an oil supplier, especially with the current energy crisis. The Netherlands follows Germany, which also sends its sports minister. Many other European countries are not yet sure who to send. Belgium plans to send a minister or a king if the country reaches at least the semi-finals. In Great Britain, it is not yet clear whether the new British Prime Minister Sunak will travel. The same applies to France, where no delegation has yet been formed. In that country, some cities, including Paris, boycott the World Cup.

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