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IJmuiden – Halkade is doing well. After all, one of the nicer parts of IJmuiden. Two new entrepreneurs explain what they are going to do and how they want to use the space. These are very beautiful and creative ideas.

Matthijs Braun has a company called He is a passionate wine lover and mainly focused on sharing passion and experience. Matisse: Well, I want to take people into the world of brown wines. And I do this by searching for the best and most unique wines in the world. Descriptions of wines are based on experiences and experiences. What dish to go with it or what occasion you should choose for your wine moments, is entirely up to you. I never tell you what to do. Well what can. Above all, what is permitted. ” He discovers those beautiful wines through his own assignments and shares his experiences with image and sound. There will also be space in Halkade for companies from the creative sectors such as graphic designers, fashion designers and video makers. The large table will be used in the company for dinners, meetings and, of course, wine tastings, among other things.

Creative concept store

Lenneke van Duijn began looking for space for her studio. Until recently located in De Spil, but unfortunately had to leave that space. Now she has a pop-up shop in Halkade and she is, of course, hoping for success. This will work. There are a lot of interesting things in the holiday program. Like a workshop on wrapping gifts in a really creative way and completely transforming your favorite bowl or vase into the Christmas spirit. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and something sweet. Home decor and home accessories are also sold at #17. Find on Facebook under: Creative Concept Store.

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Photo Caption: Nice new entrepreneurs in Les Halles. Photo: Supplied

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