The new Formula 1 logo, likely linked to the announcement of the Grand Prix Miami for 2022

The Formula 1 organization caused a stir on social media Sunday morning by changing its logo on its Twitter and Instagram page. Suddenly, a new logo appeared online in the colors blue and purple. In all likelihood, the (temporary) change of the logo is a precursor to the announcement of the Miami Grand Prix in 2022.

Sunday morning there were a lot of tweets about the new Formula 1 logo on social media. Above the organization’s name on Twitter and Instagram, new colors and a different theme from the sports logo suddenly appeared. When the logo is usually white with red, the image appears to have been replaced by a neon-like appearance with blue and purple.

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The city council gave the green light this week

Formula 1 appears to have changed its logo to announce the Grand Prix in Miami. Last week, the city council approved the construction of a Formula 1 street circuit, a plan that also includes large financial projects in the vicinity of the circuit and a special education project in collaboration with Formula 1 and nearby schools.

Formula 1 has been looking for years to organize its second Grand Prix in the US and FOM (Formula One Management, ed.) Now it looks like it has found its favorite destination with Miami. Florida has always been on the organization’s wishlist, but political opposition and a struggling community have made 2021 come too early for a weekend. New political faces in Miami included the possibility of signing a partition plan last week, which gave the FOM the green light.

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Several sources, including American motorsports journalist Adam Stern, said that an announcement will be made on Monday regarding the Miami Grand Prix. Grand Prix promoters will sign a multi-year commitment to street racing near the iconic Hard Rock Stadium.

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So the Formula 1 logo change appears to be mainly indicating upcoming news. The color combination for the new logo appears to depend on this. The logo theme and color scheme seem to hint at the colors of the Miami house, and the vintage neon look matches well with the iconic image of the city, which is reflected in the Miami Heat basketball team and the popular Miami Vice series.

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