The new Netflix Original from Dark Dark creators will be groundbreaking

dark It was a game-changer for Netflix. German production took care of her with her Spancy the Paper House Before the company really discovered the potential of international production.

Much has changed since then. Netflix has published international production centers and is investing more in local content, rather than relying solely on the US originals. The idea that subscribers don’t swallow a translation is outdated in 2021.

1899: New project from the creators of Dark

That’s okay, because the European Union, for example, will soon require a certain percentage of the content to be produced domestically. Therefore, dumping Europe with US production is no longer sufficient.

Refer to the dark. The series launched without much fuss, became a worldwide hit, and has since had three seasons. Now, the two plants, Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar, are ready for a new project. Fortunately, the series is also coming to Netflix.

Then we talk about the dramatic series 1899. The historical series takes place on a migrant boat 1899 Sailing from Europe to the United States. During the voyage, the boat encounters another migrant ship floating in the sea, and their journey quickly turns into a nightmare.

Weird, wild and crazy

Friese and Olar don’t want to say anything about the plot, but they do say their fans dark rest assured. “We know dark Everyone can be sure this is going to be something weird, wild and crazy, ”the creative duo told Deadline.

Don’t expect the chaos of time travel. The German team has confirmed several times in the past that they do not want to keep repeating the same trick. Puzzle and puzzle element lovers dark He can look at at least the year 1899: “All the ship’s passengers travel with secrets they want to hide. It is built like a puzzle again.”

International and multilingual staff

or not 1899 With the same strength dark. Anyway, it wouldn’t be the cast. This includes Emily Beecham (CruellaAnurien BarnardGoldfinchMiguel Bernardo (eliteAnton LesserGame of thrones(en Maciej Musial)the magician).

Names from all kinds of countries, everything you’ll see on Netflix Oirginal. The series will be multilingual: “Fidelity to the cultures and languages ​​was very important, and we never wanted characters from different countries, but everyone still spoke English. We wanted to explore this heart of Europe, where everyone comes from another place and speaks a different language, and the language defines a lot of your culture. And your behavior. “

1899: Creators' new Netflix Original Dark Edition gets more ambitious
Casting staff in 1899 (Image: Netflix)

Netflix chasing the Mandalorian

The show is currently filmed on a virtual location in Germany, similar to Approach Mandalorian. The pandemic has made continuous travel across Europe with not the entire staff available. Instead, they set out to shoot background material, which is then shown on screens behind the cast. Exactly: just like Mandalorian. In fact, they are building the largest virtual collection in Europe for it.

When exactly 1899 will be published is not yet known. Fans are kept cute for now with the joke below.

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1899: Creators’ new Netflix Original Edition Dark breaks new ground

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