The new roundabout N662/A58 Marie Curievec is officially opened

On Thursday, September 29, Deputy Harry van der Maas and Alderman Koen Berdijn (Municipality of Vlissingen) New roundabout on N662/A58. The last part of the 47 meter long cycle track was built adjacent to the roundabout.

Construction Roundabout

The construction of this section of the cycle path is the final part of the project at the junction of Rytthemsstraat, the A58 and Mariecurivec. Due to the construction of the roundabout and the redesign of the Rytthemsstraat, the intersection is safer and traffic can move faster. It has been opened for traffic since September 21.

Deputy Harry van der Maas: “We are happy to finally have a logical and safe access to Rytthem and Oost-Sauburg, the A58 and the Souburg 1 business park. A good example of the area-based approach we take into account the interests is the Rijkswaterstaad, which has good cooperation with the municipality of Vlissingen and the surrounding area.

A safe path

In recent months, a lot of work has been done on the new five-axis roundabout to improve road safety and traffic flow. A roundabout is safer than an intersection because cyclists do not have priority over cars. RhythmsStrateg has been updated and deceleration measures have been applied. A new cycle lane provides a safer route for school-bound cyclists. The contractor was commissioned by the province of Zeeland through KWS Infra BV Roosendaal.

Plastic road

The province of Zeeland has ambitions to reduce CO2 emissions in infrastructure projects. This was taken into account with the construction of the roundabout and the redesign of the Rythemsstraat. For example, electric equipment such as electric asphalt machine, electric mobile excavator and roller were used. Also, raw materials are reused for the asphalt base and the bicycle path is made from recycled plastic. This one Plastic road The first circular cycle path in Zeeland. The 47-meter cycle path saves 33% CO2 compared to a traditional asphalt pavement.

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