The new Star Wars series is so cool

Star Wars Andor would be very special if we heard it that way.

There is a list of the new Disney + series book Star Wars: Andro chest. There you will find some very cool names!
Star Wars: Andro It was announced as a precursor to rogue one, where we follow protagonist Cassian Andor on his journey from a thief to the revolutionary fight for the rebels against the empire. The role of Cassian was again played by Diego Luna, along with Fiona Shaw, Stellan Skarsgård, and Forest Whitaker, who was again Saw Gerrera.

Star Wars: Andro
Series Star Wars: Andro It was announced in 2017 by Bob Iger and made by a lot of interesting people.

Tony Gilroy, who helped rogue one Writing, and leading extensive reshoots, she has been associated with the project as a director from the start. But due to the COVID pandemic, that party was canceled (he couldn’t travel to the UK) and Toby Haynes took over.

Gilroy is a producer and showrunner for a series that was originally supposed to have 5 seasons, but is now ending after 2 seasons and 24 episodes.

The Writers Guild of America revealed that Gilroy has written three episodes (Nos 1 to 6). His brother Dan Gilroy, who recently night crawler And the Kong: Skull Island He wrote, delivered episodes 5 and 6. And Stephen Schiff, who you know of Americanstake care of number 7.

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