“The New Way to Work” with Lynn Packer

ALMELO – The “new way of working” requires modifications at home. But not everyone had an extra study room left. How do you deal with a small space in the house and create an attractive workplace?

With Leen Bakker’s tips and ideas, we show how easy it can be to create a functional and comfortable workspace. A wide range of desks and accessories can be found at www.leenbakker.nl. Since there are a lot of options, this also ensures an excellent coordination with your existing interior.

Find a suitable place or space in the room. Provide adequate daylight and good window coverings. It is preferable to decorate windows where you can play with light on a sunny day. Think blinds, roller blinds, or blinds. These could include places that would be suitable for your new home office and that you are not currently using: the space under an open staircase, the space behind a sofa, or a niche in the living room or bedroom. The bedroom is a good solution that not everyone immediately thinks about and offers many advantages. This makes the bedroom an oasis of calm during the day. And often the bedroom is tidier than the living room.

The foundation of your home office starts with the office. The desktop is the ideal starting point for a seamless integration with your interior design. The frame also partially defines the appearance. For example, are you looking for an industrial look? Then choose black metallic legs. Do you also want to keep the environment clean while doing your job? Then do not forget to choose a model with additional drawers or storage compartments. Lynn Packer desks come in various shapes and sizes. Which agency will soon occupy your home?
Don’t forget the kitchen chair and offer a comfortable, adjustable office chair and an organized desk with plenty of storage options.

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Whether it is daylight or artificial light, healthy work from home begins with good lighting. The lighting in your workplace, if properly arranged, contributes to improved work performance and increased energy. Plus, good lighting helps prevent fatigue, headaches, and even depression.

Leen Bakker Almelo regularly sells sharply discounted showroom models via Woonboulevard Almelo’s Facebook page.

At Leen Bakker, you can pick up by scheduling an appointment Monday from 11 am to 6 pm, Tuesday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Leen Bakker can be contacted at 0546-456270, and if the line is busy, you can always send your question to [email protected].

By Juliette Vrijhoven, a marketer at Woonboulevard Almelo.

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