The new wing of Singer Laren Museum was awarded Best Building of 2022

The extension to the museum in Laren was designed by Bedaux de Brouwer Architects on behalf of Stichting Singer Laren. According to the jury, the project shows that you sometimes get the “best quality” by improving an existing building, rather than building something new. According to the jury, the pavilion merges with the existing building with “timeless architecture.”

Singer Larin has received the financial resources for a new museum wing and a large donation from Els Blokker, the widow of the CEO of retail chain Jaap Blokker. Opened in March new wing With five new rooms with a private collection of artworks by the Blokker couple.

The largest collection within the museum is that of spouses William and Anna Singer, after which the museum was named. The museum focuses on modern art, such as Expressionism or Cubism. Important artists in the group worked in and around Laren, such as Jan Sluijters and Jan Toorop.

The National Holocaust Memorial in Amsterdam has received an honorable mention. The jury says they are very impressed by the “significance of this design” and its importance to the Jewish community.

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