The Next Step in Artificial Intelligence: Diplomacy Computer Learning Board Game

Much research has been done on two-player games, such as checkers and chess. These kinds of games can be perfectly learned by computers. “Diplomacy It’s a completely different game,” says de Klein.

“Bee Diplomacy For example, players must negotiate via chat messages. This makes computer learning more complicated. Language must be interpreted, as other players do not always tell the truth. People understand that, but for computers, it’s an extra layer.”

Trusted chat message

Remarkably, the computer can now play this complex social game without the other players even noticing that the computer was playing with it. “The computer system analyzed tens of thousands of games played. The system also analyzed chat messages and in this way the computer learned how to form a credible chat message,” says Kleijn.

“This discovery shows us that a lot of the things we now think computers could never do can eventually be done by computers. I don’t think there is anything humans can do now that a computer will never do.”

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