“The Night” Achieves Major International Deals for Premier Entertainment Group (Exclusive)

The Premier Entertainment Group (PEG) has struck down major international deals Psychological horror From One night, An American production about an Iranian couple in the lead role as winner of Best Actor at Cannes 2016 Shihab Hossaini n Niyasha Noor.

PEG is licensed in Germany, Italy (coach media), France (FIP), Poland (M2), CIS (Voxell), Australia and New Zealand (Rialdo) and Latin America (star).

Agreements have also been reached in South Korea (Entermode), Taiwan (Wee Vision), Malaysia (Suraya), Vietnam (Green Media), Thailand (copyrighted images), Indonesia (Falcon) and the Middle East (E4).

As previously announced, the North American owner IFC Midnight released the film in the US in January and Vertigo acquired the UK rights.

Gorush Ahari directs the story of an Iranian couple and their one-year-old daughter on their way home from a social event, where they spend the night in a hotel where they are forced to face dark secrets.

Hossaini (From SellerHe made his first appearance in an American production with Noor (HBO’s) Here now

Ahari released the original script he co-wrote with Milad Karmus. Produced by Alex Brito and Ahari From One night Mammootty Pictures with Jeffrey Alard for Indy Entertainment, Cheryl Sturlaquis for Orama Filmworks, Armin Amiri and Mohamed Tormanze for Supernova 8 Films.

Terry George (Rwanda HotelConsultant product. George Rush, Bahnham Pepahani, Leo Storologis, Ryan Clarkson, David Specz, Chris Jones, Derek Benham, Robert Spears, Charles Freiberg and P.K. Patel also served as executive producer.

That night Made with History, Mammoth Pictures and Ayat Films, the first American production film to have a wide theatrical release in Iman after the Iranian Revolution in 1979.

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The film was recently screened at the Grimfest in the UK and is currently being screened at the Image Film Fest in the Netherlands. Festival credits include Sidges, Nightstream, Mullins, Syncist, Dan, Omaha and Santa Barbara.

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