The Northern Ireland coalition is unstable after electing a radical new leader of the ruling DUP

Edwin Potts (left) is a fervent opponent of homosexuality and abortion.AP image

Collaboration with Sinn Fein is in danger now. This extremism could also have consequences for the Brexit deal. So British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is alarmed.

Potts succeeds the 55-year-old Secretary of Agriculture, Arlene Foster, who was sacked by disgruntled colleagues last month. Within the pro-British party, there is great dissatisfaction with the consequences of the Brexit agreement, and there are also growing concerns that Northern Ireland is heading towards reunification with the rest of Ireland. The pro-British Democratic Unionist Party and the pro-Irish Sinn Fein currently form the Peace Coalition.

In the first party leadership election established fifty years ago, Potts had nineteen representatives succeeding him, more than Representative Jeffrey Donaldson with two representatives. While Donaldson wanted to continue Foster’s relatively moderate policies, Potts follows the tradition of founder Ian Paisley, the infamous priest who passed away seven years ago. Potts strongly opposes homosexuality and abortion, and believes that the Earth is no more than 4,000 years old.

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