The northern part Helperzoom has become a bike street

Helperzoom north of Helper Brink will become a bike street in the future. The city council announced this on Wednesday.

Work will start next year. The Helperzoom Noord should be ready in the fall of 2022. The reason for the approach is work on the Southern Ring Road. Helperzoom will no longer be necessary for motorists in the revamped South Ring. This prompted the municipality to consider whether the area could also be redesigned. In the plan, the cyclist is given more space and the driver is given guest status.

Helperzoom is currently nine meters wide. This will be narrowed down to six metres. This creates additional space for trees and shrubs. The Helperzoomtunnel intersection will also be addressed in the plans. This work will begin this fall, and at this intersection, cyclists will be separated from motorists. The reason for this is that many road users consider the intersection unsafe.

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