The Olympics will continue to appear in NPO for the time being

All Dutch will be able to watch the Olympics – even for free – on NPO public broadcaster in the coming years. This is the result of an agreement between Discovery and NPO.

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The Olympics will continue to be viewed in the same familiar way in the years to come we And in Discovery. The parties announced today that an agreement has been reached to acquire a new sub-license for NOS for the Olympic Games 2022 (Beijing) and 2024 (Paris). This guarantees full access to the Olympics via Public Broadcasting Corporation, Eurosport and the Live Streaming Service Discovery +. In the coming years, the Dutch viewer can continue to enjoy every sporting moment, every athlete and every medal on all possible platforms. In the Netherlands NPO Included in the cheapest channel package of all TV distributors. In addition, NPO can for free without any form of subscription over-the-air via DVB-T2 and over the Internet via Starting the NPO To be watched.


Discovery grants a NOS sub-license for the TV and Radio broadcast rights to broadcast the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and 2024 Paris Olympics. The agreement means NOS will be able to broadcast the Beijing 2022 and Paris 2024 Games live on TV,, the NOS app, and NPO Start. For Paris 2024, the public broadcaster has an additional digital stream.

The most comprehensive in Discovery

In Discovery, the games will be fully available through the new streaming service discovery +,, the Eurosport app, and on TV via Eurosport 1 and 2. Since Discovery reserves all digital rights, discovery + is the only destination where every moment the gameplay can be seen Olympic. Discovery will exclusively feature live snowboarding and biathlon events from Beijing 2022, as well as exclusive coverage of sport climbing, skateboarding, surfing and golf from Paris 2024.

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“The Olympic Games fire continues to burn at NOS,” says Gerard Timmer, general manager at NOS. “Last year we noticed what the lack of sport means for society. Sport connects, socializes and inspires. The fact that we will be able to broadcast three Olympics for everyone in the Netherlands in the next four years is good news. For the Dutch public as well as for Dutch sports. With the Tokyo Games being the highlights. Long-awaited this sports summer. And we will continue to do it the way people are accustomed to. With live reporting, previews and comments, experience on the table and instantly, with analyzes, interviews and backgrounds. As we have done since 1964, the year the Olympics were first shown on NOS. “.


“At Discovery, we strive to create content that’s right for everyone, from the broad-minded to enthusiastic fans of very specific topics, with passion, expertise and cutting-edge technology. Our mission is to“ nurture people’s passion, ”says Susan Aagner, GSVP Discovery GSA & Benelux. An important part of the DNA of discovery and remains a priority for us, especially as it is the “home of the Olympics”. Our agreement with NOS is great news because we can guarantee free streaming access to the Olympic Games for everyone. In addition, viewers on Discovery + and via Eurosport don’t have to miss a minute and not a single sport. ”

Existing conventions

This agreement builds on existing agreements announced in 2017, whereby Discovery has sublicensed audiovisual rights to NOS for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which will take place this summer. By creating an Olympic show together, spectators in the Netherlands will enjoy the broadest possible access to games and the availability of more sports than ever before. Hence, the agreement supports the ambition of both NOS and Discovery to get more people, on more screens, to participate in the world’s largest sporting event.

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