The online network that spreads mobile phone malware has been shut down

The Eastern Netherlands Police, along with ten other countries and Europol, have disabled an online network that spreads malware. According to the police, about ten thousand victims have been cut off as a result and more than 6.5 million spam text messages per week have been blocked.

This is about a malware processor called FluBot. People install the app because they think they are going to a site through a link in the text message that can track the ordered package, but in reality they are installing a rogue app there.

This software can send text messages without the user knowing and steal personal data and even view banking applications. The malware only worked on Android smartphones. Last year, malicious software spread rapidly because FluBot was able to use contact lists on phones with malware installed.

No arrests

The cybercrime team of the Eastern Netherlands Police developed the technique to remove this system from the air. During the operation, the unit collaborated with police and security forces in Australia, Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Romania and the United States.

No one was arrested. “The investigation is aimed at closing the network. We have not begun to search for suspects. We have first confirmed to the citizen that this will be stopped,” said Michael de Roos, police chief of the Eastern Netherlands Division. Gelderland Broadcasting“While the operation is still being monitored, we do not think criminals will be able to resume their operations from tomorrow and infect another 10,000 phones.”

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The number of victims is unknown

With the technology currently being developed, police want to focus on other networks as well. Therefore, she could not say exactly how the surgery took place. “This is a huge success and we are very proud of it.”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. “Because lists of personal data are sold by criminals, citizens may not notice it immediately. However, their personal data may be used for a long time. Only if this is noticed, notices will be followed.” De Rose.

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