The organizations demanded that the Demir Cabinet preserve the open water spaces

The Flemish Society for Spatial Planning and Spatial Planning (VRP) has submitted a “call to action” to the Cabinet of Zohal Demir (N-VA) to conserve open water spaces.

DrThe VRP wants to better protect Flanders from flooding. This call was made on World Urban Planning Day in Kortrijk, which this year focuses on “Space for Water”.

On Thursday 24 November, 350 city planners, designers, planners, environment and climate officials and politicians gathered in Kortrijk to celebrate World Urban Planning Day. In response to the droughts of recent years and the floods of 2021, that day will be dedicated to the “Area of ​​Water” this year.

sigma plan

In conjunction with 20 environmental and natural organizations, and urban planning and architecture firms, VRP has proposed a “call to action” to preserve open water spaces. Together, the organizations are pushing for the Sigma Plan, the plan that reduces the flood risk of the Scheldt, for all of Flanders.

“We insist that more open space is needed for the water, so that we can give it a controlled home. If we don’t, the water will seek out that same space, in the populated areas.” According to the organizations, the time has come for this plan. “Climate change is on a collision course, causing sea levels to rise dramatically. This, coupled with increased inclement weather, increases the likelihood of floods. This can be prevented by providing more surface area for water.

Safe water collection

“The Flemish government must urgently reallocate the open space required for safe water harvesting to a soft destination such as woodland, agriculture, nature reserves or other green areas. This requires a Flemish-level structural plan, which is specially developed in the catchment areas around the Maas reservoirs And Scheldt, Yser and Bruges along with many more actors. It is urgently time to start Sigma 3 ”, VRP argues with the other signatories.


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