The owners are investing heavily to create the Oosterhof Brabant

May 8, 15:30


Still (partially) heated driveway, better roof insulation and more solar panels where possible. Developer Libre Vastgoed is investing additional money to make the Oosterhof shopping center more sustainable. Agreements for this purpose have already been concluded with the municipality of Boxtel, according to which the actions must cost at least 30,000 euros, otherwise this money will be used in the outer district.

The so-called co-financing is included in the purchase agreement with the municipality. It states that the shopping center will give Boxtel €30,000 so that it can further decorate the public space or that this amount will be spent on making the building more sustainable. The Oosterhof Owners Association has chosen the latter option.

The developer is investing nearly three hundred thousand euros in sustainable measures. Soon future customers will notice, for example, that the renovated corridor is heated at the entrances / exits. There will be an air curtain brought to a pleasant temperature using a heat pump. In addition, there will be a pull lock at the north entrance. As a result, store entrances no longer end in a cold corridor, which in turn saves on heating costs.

The roof of the Jumbo supermarket will also be provided with a better construction so that solar panels can be installed on it. This is not possible everywhere, but the developer is studying whether this is possible in the future. In the longer term, stores should also go gas-free, but this too is still being investigated.

It is not that the municipality is currently short of 30,000 euros to handle the public space around Osterhof. This amount was not taken into account in the budget, so additional funds are not needed. At most, the terrain will be tougher without the need for an additional developer.

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The Oosterhof shopping center is currently undergoing a major renovation. Two entrances disappeared to provide more space for all businesses in the building. Thus, a real shopping cart is made. On Monday and Tuesday, DA Van den Biggelaar pharmacy, Boxtel pet store and butcher shop are closed. These businesses are moving into their new premises and opening their doors on Wednesday.

After that, the old stores will be demolished so that within a few months other entrepreneurs can move their stuff. It is expected that everything will be ready in the festive period at the end of the year, after which a festive opening will follow.

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