The paid version is called Twitter Blue and is expanding

We all know Twitter as a free social media, but now there is also a paid version: Twitter Blue. A hit, it turns out, because Twitter releases its availability. Not yet in Europe, but after Australia and Canada, Twitter users in the US and New Zealand can now also pay for Twitter.

Twitter is blue

Twitter Blue is not just another sponsorship system for social media: it gives you more opportunities on Twitter. This allows you to put videos up to 10 minutes long online. For free users, this is two minutes. You can choose other colors and icons on Twitter and messages will load faster depending on your device.

Clicking on the tweets of popular news websites such as The Washington Post, The Hollywood Reporter or Reuters will take you directly to the news website without ads. In addition, Twitter pays a portion of the blue subscription fee to publishers. As more publishers join, the Twitter Blue subscriber will see fewer ads. Twitter users with Blue also have an insight into what the most shared articles are.

Additional options

Writes about Twitter Blue: “This is a solution that users of Twitter are looking for: access to exclusive features and benefits that will take their experience on Twitter to the next level.”

With Blue, you can put saved tweets in folders and have a preview version, so you can think before sending that nasty tweet to the world. You can adjust the timer yourself, so give yourself a reflection time of 10 or 30 seconds, for example. Longer tweets will be displayed in a kind of reading mode, so you can watch them with more peace of mind.

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Social media subscription

Worried that free Twitter will disappear? Twitter: “No, a free Twitter never goes, never goes. This subscription offer is for those who want an existing Twitter experience to add enhanced and additional features.

The cost for Twitter Blue is $ 2.99 (2.61 euros) per month. You can use it on iPhone, iPad, Android and browser. At least, not yet in Europe, but it will undoubtedly not be long after its release in the US and New Zealand.

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