The peace and greenery should make the shopping center in Assen more attractive (and there won’t be extra space for flashy ads soon)

Asn has to get rid of the loud and chaotic shopping streets. Peace and unity should make visiting the city center more attractive.

These are the first opinions that the municipal authorities have OKRA Landscape Architects was presented in front of the city council on Thursday evening.


OKRA is designing a blueprint for downtown redevelopment, which is in line with the recently established City Center vision. Above all, it must be Peace and green make the heart of shopping at Asn even more attractive. The initial idea is that there will be no room for flashy ads soon.

Take Oudestraat. “There is a colorful set of objects and advertisements,” said landscape designer Melle van Dijk. “We want to investigate how this can be done more slowly. The attractiveness of the entire city center also has advantages for the individual entrepreneur, even if he is given fewer opportunities to advertise at the individual level.”

In the main shopping district of Essen, visitors will soon see less vivid color schemes, smaller screens, and green facades. The so-called toolboxes are intended to provide inspiration and tools for entrepreneurs and residents to also contribute to the beautification of their buildings.

The first design in a few months

“There are good examples in the Netherlands where this approach works,” said Van Dyck, who mentioned Zutphen, among other things. “We want to discuss the plans in detail with the entrepreneurs at a later time.”

The first post round is now finished, with mainly brainstorming ideas. This indicates that residents and entrepreneurs especially want more green space and seats, and more possibilities for bicycles to park at the edges of the shopping district. The best mix of shops and terraces has also been discussed several times. After the new engagement rounds, OKRA will come with an actual initial design within a few months.

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