The Pentagon: A Chinese missile fell to the ground around May 8, the exact location known only hours ago | Science

The Americans expect the deteriorating Chinese missile to fall on its way back to Earth somewhere on our planet on Saturday. It is now impossible to pinpoint the exact location.

A Pentagon spokesman said, “The US Space Command is aware and tracking the location of the Chinese Long March 5B spacecraft in space, but the exact point of entry into the Earth’s atmosphere – expected around May 8 – can only be determined several hours ago.”

Experts from the European Space Agency (ESA) held it last night on May 9th. According to flight data, parts of Spain, Italy and Greece are in the danger zone, which is identified between 41 ° N latitude and 41 ° S latitude. Any debris can also be scattered into the ocean.

7 kilometers per second

The 30-meter-high rocket core that successfully launched the Tianhe (Celestial Harmony) unit of a Chinese space station on Thursday orbits Earth today at an altitude of about 200 km. The body achieves a speed of more than 25,000 kilometers per hour, or 7 kilometers per second.

It is almost impossible to predict which parts will burn or malfunction. Experts say that most things burn on re-entry. But a year ago, the wreckage of a Long March 5B missile ended up in Ivory Coast, damaging homes.

On this site The missile’s current trajectory can be tracked and the calculated future trajectory around the Earth can be viewed as well. Although 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is made up of water, the missile will fly several times over southern mainland Europe from the following night.

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