The petition against the suspension of the “Root Times” was signed more than 20,000 times civilization

Fans of NTR started the lawsuit against NPO on Friday morning. The authors speak of a “historical mistake” and advocate preserving the award-winning history program. The hashtag #AndereTijdenMoetBlijven has been trending on Twitter for a while.

The disappearance of The Other Times also prompted questions from the House of Representatives. Lucille Werner, CDA member, who has introduced Lingo herself to the NPO, wonders whether it’s up to Public Broadcasting to “make the programs” dig a little deeper? “She announced that she will pose questions to the minister. JA21 leader Joost Eerdmans (also a former NPO presenter) believes the program is part of the public mission.

ChristenUnie leader Gert Yan Sijgers and SP member Peter Kwint say they don’t want to interfere with NPO programming, but are expressing dissatisfaction with the program’s disappearance. GroenLinks Member of Parliament and historian Corinne Ellemeet calls it “eternal sin.”

“NPO should create beautiful programming for every generation,” says media reporter Rob Goossens at The NPO. Culture and Media Podcast:

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