The photographer discovers this strange view of animal life

to Science It always makes great reviews and discoveries.

The photographer also noticed now. He was on an expedition and discovered a strange animal with her, which is definitely for him Science It must be fun.

Science: Photographer on Mission

The photographer is the Belgian Yves Adams. According to Mirror reports, he led a two-month expedition in the South Atlantic in December 2019.

Information about king penguins:

  • King penguin is the second largest of the penguin species after the emperor penguin
  • They belong to the genus of large penguins
  • King penguins are divided into two subspecies
  • It weighs between 9.3 and 17 kg and reaches 85 to 95 cm in length

Adams is no ordinary photographer, he specializes in wildlife photography. During the voyage he discovered an animal he had never seen before. The expedition stopped on an island in South Georgia.

Science: The photographer discovers this strange animal

The reason for the abandonment was a colony of more than 120,000 penguins that Adams wanted to photograph. The only animal that appeared in front of the lens was very different from other animals.

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The penguin had amazingly light feathers and a special color: it was yellow. “I had never seen or heard a yellow penguin.” The designer said, “There were 120,000 birds on this beach and that was the only yellow bird there.” They were lucky to have even managed to see the animal. Adams said, “If it were 50 yards away, We would not have been able to experience this unique offer. “

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Science: Why are penguin feathers yellow?

Science has already shown what the special color of feathers looks like. Penguin cells do not produce melanin. That’s why black feathers turn yellow, according to the report.Spiegel

Scientists have also discovered that the yellow pigment in penguin feathers is chemically different from any other molecule known to give feathers their color. (GB)

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