The plane crash in Mirson coincides with the incident in the United States 1 Limburg

Not only did the wreckage of a plane crash in Mirson on Saturday, but villagers in Colorado, USA, also survived a catastrophe when a passenger plane lost an engine.

It is about the city of Broomfield, where parts of a Boeing 777-200 came to more than 1,600 meters in length.

Landed safely
It is United Airlines’ 231-passenger and 10-passenger passenger aircraft. The flight recently departed from the airport at Denver International Airport for Honolulu, Hawaii. Thanks to the firm intervention of the pilots, the plane was able to return and land safely.

Football training
The two girls told a CNN reporter how they were training on the football field when the rubbish piled up on the football field. The chances of a plane simply losing parts in the air are already small. Twice a day in Mirsen and Broomfield the chance of this happening is astronomically small.

Garbage reduction
Like Mirza, U.S. aviation officials are urging residents not to touch or move trash. Each particle of the aircraft will be accurately described and analyzed. Researchers hope to use the fragments to find out how the accident happened. The process, which takes the same amount of time, seems credible to Mirson as well.

Criminal credit
The National Police Air Traffic Surveillance Team is investigating the incident with a cargo plane that lost parts on Mirsen on Saturday afternoon. Police said the department was investigating whether there was guilt. This police investigation is separate from the investigation carried out by the Dutch Security Board.

Longtail Aviation
A spokesman for Longtail Aviation, a cargo airline, agreed to fully co-operate with the investigation into Mirsen. A spokesman said the cause of the engine failure was not yet known. The engine blades may have sucked in something at the start, he suggests.

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Police in Limburg have found residents in Mirson.

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According to the FAA, the proper engine of the 26-year-old plane failed shortly after takeoff from Denver. Significantly larger parts of the alloy and aluminum were finished on the floor than the Mirzan. But like Limburg, no one was injured miraculously, seriously or dangerously.

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