The plane leaves Dubai for Auckland, but lands in Dubai after 13 hours | for travel

Flight EK448 departed Friday morning local time from Dubai to Auckland in New Zealand. But about halfway through the 14,200 kilometers that had to be covered, the pilot decided to turn back. bend over the ocean.

The plane had already been in the air for seven hours, but landing in Auckland was not possible due to bad weather there. After a record amount of rain fell in New Zealand’s largest city, the airport’s arrivals hall was flooded. Four people have already died in Auckland due to flooding.

“Auckland Airport has investigated the damage to the international terminal building and has unfortunately determined that no international flights can be operated today,” the airport said in a statement. “We know this is very frustrating, but passenger safety is our top priority.”

Flight 448 was rescheduled and finally landed in Auckland local time on Sunday afternoon. Many wonder: why didn’t the plane land in Australia? the creators behind Flightradar 24 Giving several possible reasons for this. The A380 is a big plane. Landing somewhere out of nowhere can be challenging. In addition, you have to handle meals and arrange hotels for anyone who gets stranded. As well as rest periods for the crew. Moreover, no person can enter Australia without a visa.

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