The police are already preparing to impose a curfew

At the start of this week, the National Police is already starting to consider how to enforce a curfew. If curfew comes, it will affect other police duties.

Police Chief Willem Wulin, in charge of police coronavirus policy, said this last night News Hour. He says he’s already taking the idea so seriously that a lot of preparation needs to be done.


“We will have to issue instructions to colleagues, and we will have to ensure that there is coordination with prosecutors on how to implement them,” Wolin said. “And you have to see how much capacity you can create here and where you can free up additional capacity to do this application.”

Because priorities may need to change, police will have to speak to mayors. For example, it is conceivable that during curfews, community police officers work in the evening and at night rather than during the day. Uniformed police officers are also being considered.

Not in dispute

The probability of entering a curfew, which aims to limit the number of contact moments, is Not in dispute. The Security Council, made up of 25 mayors, including Mayor Halsema, spoke out against the plan this week.

President Hubert Berlus was still sitting at the table last night At OP1. He thinks cabinet should have a more compelling story to introduce the action and also thinks implementation will be difficult. If you came here by car on the highway, do you really think that the police will arrest every driver on the highway? This will not happen.

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Emergency advice

The experts from OMT are coming this week in company Urgent advice About curfew. In France, it was already decided yesterday that residents should no longer be allowed onto the streets from 6 pm, and Germany will seriously consider imposing a curfew. in Belgium There is already a curfew.

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