The President warned against snatching the final word • in which India is against the passage on coal

Yesterday was officially the last day of the climate summit, but the participating countries have not yet been decided. A new closing text was worked on until the night, and it was up to the participants to see if they all agreed.

There are many disagreements about what the text should be about: money for climate action in poorer countries, following and calling for a maximum of 1.5 degrees global warming Book of Destiny. The latter is a kind of manual with agreements on how countries should comply with the Paris climate agreement.

There is no clarity yet, because if nations leave something in one thing, they want another in return. “The British made a new final speech last night. That speech will be delivered this morning, and then today we will ask if nations can live with it,” says Helene Ecker, editor of climate and energy at the newspaper. NOS Radio 1 News From Glasgow.

“Despite the risk of some compromise, I doubt countries will implement it. Activists and environmental organizations will certainly not be satisfied. And climate scientists underscore that emissions must be reduced very quickly and significantly.”

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