The princess of the kidnapped family: “is taken care of at home”

“It is getting better and better and we hope that it will return to the public in time,” the family wrote in a statement via the British embassy.

Secret video footage

This week, secret video footage surfaced that Latifa, 35, says she is being held in a villa. Her father, Sheikh Muhammad Al Maktoum, is believed to be responsible for the kidnapping.

After the photos appeared, the UN Human Rights Committee asked the United Arab Emirates to prove that the princess was still alive.

Without details

With this statement, the family did not release any footage and did not reveal any other details about her health. “In response to all media reports about Latifa, we would like to thank everyone who was concerned about her safety, although the stories do not reveal at all what the real situation is,” they wrote.

Latifa secretly recorded the messages with a phone that she managed to obtain. According to the princess, many clients guard the building in which she is located. She said the windows were closed and she could not get out. The princess is terrified. “Every day I fear for my life. I don’t know if I will live in this situation.”

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