the professor. Dr. Elma Bloom is a scientist and she never thought she’d be standing here

No, Elma, you are only human, no human being is alien to you and you work in a school in Utrecht

Anyway, if you’re still displaying your title to give your statement of faith more oomph, don’t forget to add that flag next time. Education Moreover, the social sciences are not a science. Just call it a flag, it might cover the load a little better. But do you also feel that the above, just like this hallucinogenic post Ramsay Nasr posted on Instagram below, is not orthodox, but orthodox? These are testimonies of faith, addressed not to “God,” but to the community asserting itself in its common will to transition. But perhaps, Elma, as a Doctorate Professor you can consider why Greta Thunberg received an honorary doctorate in theology. That’s fine, that’s removing the cron.

Social science is not a science and everyone knows that

Yes, same energy


Ramzi Nasr = Orthopraxia, directed at society, not at “God”

At least that’s fair. It’s the will to move (and entertain)


very funny


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