The publication of the update of the housing quality framework for educational buildings

The Space OK Knowledge Center strives to have a widely supported definition of the essential quality of high-quality education. To this end, the organization published the Housing Quality Framework in 2013. This document has now been updated and is in effect since May 19.

In the new release of the Housing Quality Framework, the quality requirements regarding health (new schools 2021), sustainability (legislation and sectoral roadmap), accessibility (inclusiveness) and outdoor space (VNG model regulation / climate adaptation) have been tightened up, so that quality standards are in line with Current affairs. An appendix has been added that contains 25 basic quality standards so that the school’s database can be compared in a standardized way.

The quality framework is based on the knowledge that a good educational construction has a positive impact on the behavior, well-being, and learning process of the pupils and teachers who use the building on a daily basis. Ruimte-OK says the quality standards are indicative, not a standard. Thus, the framework looks beyond the minimum requirements of the building ordinance and also broader than the technical requirements in relation to the indoor environment and sustainability.

As with the previous issue, this issue has also been provided with a financial basis by the Bahrain Development Bank. This financial section provides insight into the costs of quality standards, based on objective criteria, compared to minimum statutory standards. This is still based on the traditional approach.

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The new version of the Housing Quality Framework is now available It can be downloaded from the Space-OK website. Space-OK is also open to feedback and experience gained from working with the new Quality Framework. You can contact the organization for this Through this link.

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In addition to the Housing Quality Framework update, you can also expect a new PvE Frisse Scholen release soon. The appropriate room will be given an update on this matter during our webinar Modern and circular schools On June 16. Curious? Register for this webinar in advance Through this link (Free for sustainable building partners!).

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