The Queen and Prince Charles are ‘terrified’ of the Netflix series, similar to Harry and Meghan Kardashian

The Queen and Prince Charles will be shocked when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry appear “determined to destroy the monarchy,” according to an expert. A royal expert spoke of Her Majesty and Prince Charles felt uneasy.

The news comes amid reports that Harry and Meghan are producing a Kardashian-style reality documentary series on Netflix. Angela Levine said Sun The newspaper said: “I think members of the royal family would be shocked that if Harry’s memoir was released at a similar time – which appears to be what Netflix wants – it would be a double attack on the royal family.

“I don’t know how they could do it without taking strong action, but I don’t think the Queen would want it.” “At the end of her years, she wants the royal family around her,” Levine added.

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Meghan, 37, joined wife Meghan at the Games in The Hague, Netherlands last month, in their first public appearance together in Europe since they retired from serving as chief royal over two years ago. The couple now lives in the United States with their children.

Ms. Levine said: “You can’t trust them, it’s very hard to know what they’re going to do. Harry has now left the royal family and I think he is determined to destroy it.”

If Netflix employees have access to the UK, there are many ways to hide the cameras. I feel like they can really steal the Queen’s pleasure.”

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