The Rat advances in empty London: “The city awaits a surprise when it opens”

The cuts are showing more and more vacant buildings and office buildings that they usually avoid due to the presence of people. And according to pest control officials, the rats are also increasingly moving to the suburbs of London, if they can’t find food. For example, the trash heap in many British homes in the shutdown has risen sharply. Trash bags also attract these insects. So the advice is to isolate the waste properly.

“I fear London will be in for a big surprise when the city reopens,” rat fighter Paul Claydon told CNN, which has seen reservations more than double. “Especially when the matters that were already in trouble did not follow the planning schedule for pest control.”

The poison is very weak

Mice are said to be increasingly resistant to toxins, as they are getting bigger. Claydon says he regularly hunts specimens up to 40 cm long. So some traps are no longer strong enough to catch mice. According to another genocide, the animals became more daring in their search for food.

It is estimated that about 20 million mice live in the British capital; Much more than nine million people. Rodents are known to reproduce at lightning speed. According to, there were about 30 million rats in the country in 2020 compared to the previous year.

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