The reason for the hidden ear of the New Zealander turned out to be a live cockroach

Zane Wedding, 40, swam in a nearby pool last Friday. When he got home, his ear was clogged. No matter what he did, he couldn’t get rid of this feeling. Ear drops did not help. The wedding decided to go to sleep and wished to be gone in the morning.


This was not the case. The strange thing: Not only was his ear clogged, but he sometimes felt something itchy, it seemed like something was moving. The wedding went to the doctor, but he found nothing. The doctor advised him to use a hair dryer to remove any water that might have accumulated.

This didn’t help the wedding either. “I lay on my side most of the weekend,” he says. to CNN. “When I got up, I immediately got dizzy.” Then the wedding tried everything: jumping up and down, chewing gum, running, but the feeling remained.

Nausea thought

On Sunday, the restlessness he had been feeling for a few days had abruptly stopped, but his ear was still closed. Wedding went to the ENT doctor, because he got tired after three days. As soon as he took a look, she said, “Oh, my God, I think you have a bug in your ear.” And yes, it turned out to be a tiny cockroach.

The animal was now dead, perhaps from the hot air whose weeds flew into his ear. “I immediately thought: ‘All I could feel over the weekend was a cockroach roaring in my ear,'” Wedding says. “I’m tired of thinking.” It took the doctor five minutes to remove the insect. “Great satisfaction.”

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