The reconstruction of Turkey and Syria is progressing slowly, if there is any earthquake in Syria and Turkey

Turkey has begun clearing the rubble, but this is already causing problems

Immediately after the earthquakes, Turkey received help from many countries. International rescue teams were on site 24 hours to help find and rescue victims from the rubble. Since then, many international rescue teams have stepped forward as the disaster response enters its next phase. They were replaced by rubble-clearing teams.

AFAD reports It has set up 360,000 tents distributed over more than three hundred sites in the affected governorates. In addition, temporary container homes were constructed at 162 sites. According to the Disaster Management Service, this provides a temporary place to live for one and a half million people. People who have lost their homes are also taken care of in hotels.

WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said Tuesday that Turkey was “doing everything it can” but still needed international help to care for the victims. At least two million people fled the earthquake zone.

Slachtoffers van de aardbeving krijgen maaltijden van een hulporganisatie in de getroffen Turkse stad Iskenderun.

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