The refrigerator has a malfunction; Nursing home tenants are re-priced

Residents received the first shot of the Pfizer vaccine in early February. Before vaccination, staff check the temperature in the refrigerator. Okay, but then the recording files from the fridge showed that the electricity had been cut off that night.

Functionality is not guaranteed

‘As a result, we can’t guarantee that vaccines will do what they are supposed to do,’ says Marlos Lock, a spokeswoman for ZINN, of which De Pring is a part. According to Locke, such defects have never occurred before.

Waiting for test results

Eleven residents were among the last to be vaccinated. They were unable to participate in the large immunization round where 600 residents were vaccinated at ZINN because they still had to wait for a test result.

Subsequent delivery will be difficult: ‘tough process’

The question now is when will residents receive an injection. Because it is difficult to order two vials of the vaccine. ‘It’s so hard, we still can’t get a packer. You can not order extra, it will be a difficult process, ‘says Locke.


‘It’s a shame, things aren’t going right because we’re almost there,’ Locke continues. ‘It’s disgusting to residents and family, but to us. Because it is much harder to get two bottles than to order in bulk.

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