The renovated ball track has opened at the Alkmaar Athletics Track

Alkmaar Hylas Athletics Club has a completely renovated sports ball accommodation. The hope is that the tournament will attract new members and have major international matches.

The Hylas sports boulles were in dire need of renovation, but the club’s board of directors did not want to put any money into it for the 10 current players. “Then we said, ‘We’ll do it ourselves,'” player Ton van de Keij told his media partner. Alkmaar Central

You could say that sports bowling is similar to golf, but Hylas President Jos Metselaar disagrees with that. “Jeu de boules has one form of play and sports boules with six. This also includes the elements of running. Here it’s really about playing the skill and not the luck or bad luck.” According to a number of attendees, the game is quite tiring if you want to play it well.

The players are very satisfied with the result of their efforts. “This is a great competition course and we can now organize better international tournaments,” says Jos. “About eight years ago we already had a six-nation championship here and next year it will be in the Netherlands again. With this track, an excellent performance can be achieved.”

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