The report of the barn demolition scheme was submitted in September | 1 Limburg

The parliament of Limburg will only see research into the effectiveness of the so-called space-for-space scheme after the summer recess, along with a response from the county government.

This was stated in a statement issued by the provincial government.

Land speculation
The research is being conducted by management consulting firm TwynstraGudde and focuses on the period from 2010 to the present. The essence of the Room-for-Space scheme is that the stables are being demolished and that compensation for the entrepreneurs involved is being funded by the construction of luxury homes. The goal of the nationally agreed scheme at the beginning of this century was to reduce the number of animals and reduce the emission of harmful substances.

But according to articles in the NRC and De Limburger over a year ago, those goals would never have been achieved. On the other hand, there could have also been large-scale land speculation, violation of procurement rules, and high regulatory costs.

On June 26, 2020, the Limburg Parliament demanded a thorough investigation in response. When this proved impossible with the other six provinces participating in the scheme, the Limburg special study was undertaken. So by TwynstraGudde. The provincial government is now reporting to the Limburg Parliament that it wants the submission of this report “as usual” to be accompanied by an objective administrative response. “The county government is currently working on various new files on it,” she says. “In light of the upcoming summer holiday, this means that we will send you the investigation report, including our administrative response, as soon as possible after the holiday,” he added.

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The room planner is responsible for Representative Lia Roefs (PvdA).

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