The result of today’s statement: There should be more waste containers in public spaces. This is more useful than the annual cleaning day

Plastic glove on the beach during cleaning day. Photo: Corne Sparidaens

An annual cleaning day is great, but more waste bins in public places would be a better solution to the waste problem. According to 82 percent of respondents to our statement.

“One-off work is fine, of course, but people leave a lot of waste on other days. In crowded places you’ll find overflow containers emptied too late. Making everyone more aware will have a greater impact, because the people who participate are already motivated and the rest are not.” Or too little,” one wrote in response.

Someone else agrees with and disagrees with the statement. I’m with both, but there are definitely quite a few boxes! And indeed, it is normal that you do not randomly throw garbage on the street!

“I love the once-a-year clean-up drive, but taking a trash picker with you on my walk is actually a well-meaning solution for people who seem to feel no responsibility themselves!”

Just like in Japan

Another participant disagrees with the statement. Get rid of all trash bins, this voter believes. Just like in Japan. Don’t make waste bins the norm. This is how you force people to think about what they are doing. The result is less sloppy, because they have to take it with them again. In Japan, many cities intentionally do not have litter boxes and ashtrays in public places.

But even if there are litter boxes, things often go wrong. One wrote: “Sometimes there is more trash next to the trash than there is in the trash, and it’s a matter of misdirection.” However, more waste containers may help, especially with benches. There is not often a trash can to be seen there.

There are more people saying that there should at least be bins near the benches, so that you can get rid of the waste from your walking break there.

Finally, he says a “disagree voter” who apparently lives in a municipality where you have to pay for household waste per kilogram. Waste containers are already used for the disposal of household waste. This is due to the costs charged to each show. It would be much better if you could return the waste for free. Just stand right. Large-volume waste collected at home should also be reintroduced.

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Today’s statement: More waste bins in public spaces are more useful than the annual Cleaning Day

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