The reverse school in Oost-Souburg was removed and rebuilt

The new school building found to be built the wrong way in Oost-Souburg in Zeeland is being rebuilt. “As soon as possible the school will be properly erected, everything will be dismantled and the foundation will be repaired,” says Rudd Hughesteger, director of the primary school Twimaster-Chameleon. Zeeland Broadcast Know.

The defect was discovered last month, after which construction was halted. The foundation of the building and the skeleton were rotated 180 degrees depending on the construction drawings. School staff noted that some elements, including the stairs, did not match the drawings.

“It’s very strange that we noticed it ourselves,” Hughesteger said at the time. “You should see it on the construction site with those drawings.”

Re-calculated and drawn

It is not yet clear how that could have gone wrong. According to the Vlissingen Municipality, which includes Oost-Souburg, everything is currently being recalculated by the contractor. Everything has been redrawn. The plans and drawings must be approved by the municipality and then a new plan drawn up. The municipality of Wilmington is still investigating who was responsible for this mistake.

It is not yet known how long the restoration will take. The school’s students are currently taking lessons in makeshift dormitories, but according to school director Hughesteker, there are two problems: there is noise pollution and it is too hot.

“We were able to do something about the noise and we bought a mobile air conditioner,” he says. “But it’s not the best. We do not want to be in it anymore.”

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Long run-up

The new construction of the Twimaster chameleon has been around for a long time. The debate over the new building has been going on for about twenty years. There were lengthy discussions in the City Council regarding this. Various locations were discussed, but there was always very little space for the vast elementary school with the facilities associated with it.

Eventually, it was decided to demolish the old building and build a new one on the same site. “I made a firm promise that construction of the school on that site would continue,” Alderman Rens Rainiers said when the error was discovered. “A few weeks ago I thought I could say: now nothing goes wrong, but obviously it can always go wrong.”

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