The river disappeared from Croningen: it will come back

Found! The jewelry store SIX in Goldenstroke has suddenly disappeared. The building on the corner of Wismark is currently being renovated.

At SIX you bought budget jewelry and fashion accessories. The brand was part of the German Beeline Group, which also owned jewelry store I AM. In November 2020, the Australian jewelry brand Lowicate took over SIX and I AM, the branches of the Beeline Group News release Know.

The text continues below the photo.

Photo | In the vicinity of Croningen

SIX is Lovisa

Do you know the name Lovisa from somewhere? Any can. The company has more than 450 stores in the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Australia and Asia. With the acquisition of SIX and I AM, you can find this store in other Dutch cities as well.


The SIX branch in Groningen is now being converted to LoVisa. SIX shop staff ‘moving’ with them. It is not yet clear when the new store will open. Anyway, you can still go to the same building for affordable and trendy jewelry.

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