The Russian doctor who treated poisoned Navalny is missing abroad

He lost a Russian doctor who treated opposition leader Alexei Navalny immediately after his poisoning. Russian police reported this on Sunday about Doctor Alexander Murakovsky.

Police say Murakovsky went fishing in Omsk on Friday. He left in his SUV, but he didn’t come back. People are looking for him now in the woods.

Earlier this year, two specialists who were dealing with Navalny died in a hospital in Western Siberia, Omsk, last August. The famous Kremlin critic was transported there after he got unwell during the trip.

‘Not poisoned, but a metabolic disorder.’

At the time, the now-disappeared chief physician Murakovsky vehemently denied that Navalny had been poisoned. Note metabolic problems. The chief physician also delayed Navalny’s transfer to a hospital in Berlin. Was promoted at the end of last year. But he was probably well aware of the poisoning. Therefore, it may have been eliminated, as the German media among others speculates.

According to Western sources, the FSB was behind the poisoning of Navalny, who is now in custody. International experts determined that Navalny had been poisoned by Novichok, a Russian nerve poison.

The other two doctors treating Navalny died in February and March. The It was acquired by a specialist at the age of 55 His 63-year-old colleague died of cardiac arrest.

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