The Russian hacker group was removed at the request of the US

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The Russian security service FSB has eliminated a group of criminal hackers. According to Russian officials, fraudsters with ransomware were completely removed from the REvil gang in a special operation. The test was conducted on 25 homes across the country during the operation. The gang members have been arrested. The United States was notified of the action against these cybercriminals, as Washington specifically called for action against REvil from the Russian government.

Last summer, President Joe Biden urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to take further action against criminal hacker groups operating in Russia. It happened after a major cyber attack in July that affected about 1,500 companies in several countries, including the Netherlands.

Ransomware software forces victims to pay large ransoms. REvil, for example, extorted $ 11 million (9. 9.6 million) from an American meat processing company in 2021.

Earlier that year, an oil pipeline group was attacked in the United States. It is not known how much the colonial pipeline paid to get out of trouble. The cyber attack forced the major oil pipeline to close temporarily, leading to fuel shortages at gas stations and rising fuel prices. It is also suspected that Russian hackers are operating under the name of Darkside.

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