The sacred cow is no longer sacred in Zierikzee

The municipality informed residents via a letter this week. This measure is necessary because in the narrow streets of the ancient city the car can block the passage of ambulances and firefighters.

“The law states that there must be at least 3.5 meters of space for emergency services,” says a responsible local councilor Smit. “The current situation poses risks in the event of a fire or a person being transported on a stretcher in an ambulance.”

A year ago, the council put in place a new parking policy for Zirekzee and the message received by residents is a detail of this.

Parking space lines will be implemented in the coming weeks. For permit holders who can’t find a section, Smit indicates parking on the edge of the center or just outside it.

The letter, which contains a map indicating where parking is not allowed, is the talk of the day in central Zierikzee.

“Safety is of course important, so I understand the measure,” says resident Barbara van der Steen of Sint Domusstraat. “But I wonder if there aren’t many more parking permits issued to residents than there will be places in the future. My husband only comes home in the evening and if he always has to park outside the center why does he still buy a permit?”

good walk

“They’re here for the shock absorbers at night,” says Marianne van der Velt of Korte Groendal. “I can’t even get to the front door with my bike.” Beaming: “Well! It makes a much nicer street scene.” And that she won’t soon be able to park her car in front of the door? Van der Vliet makes a farewell gesture. “I’m still in great shape.”

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The board of directors of the Zierikzee Entrepreneurs Association is less enthusiastic. President Martin Bovey questions the call from the municipality. “We would like more parking spaces for non-permit holders and have made it clear that we want to participate in the parking policy.”

The businessmen’s union has not been informed about the new parking system. “It’s a good idea to have additional consultations with the municipality,” says Boivi economically.

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