The salt-winner, Nubian, discovers the “lost” salt pit under the command of Toins


Beneath the Twence site are two ancient salt holes. It looks like the 86th salt hole has disappeared into thin air. © RTV East

It would have been the title of an exciting book for boys: “Saltweener Nubian and the Lost Salt Pit under the Toines.” During a February examination of two old salt pits (Nos 60 and 86) under the Twence Waste Handler, researchers found no empty space under the ground at the site of Salt Pit 86. Overall, it looked as if this salt pit had gone on a ‘walking’ “. It is called “migration” in technical terms. Researchers now know how the thorn is located in the trunk (underground).

The latest research data shows that salt pit 86 has now been filled. “The rock above the cavity fell into it,” explains Jorn van der Meer of the Nubian salt miner. According to the researchers, this process must have occurred several years ago. “For the past six years, the measuring network has been active and no movement or anything like that has been measured during that time.”


The Nobian salt-winner has been extracting salt from Twente’s soil for decades. This extraction creates large hollow voids in the ground. Some of these salt pits, as Nubian call them, caves, are the size of a football field. The rocks above this hollow space may become loose and fall into the cave. If this happens, there is a risk that the layers of soil above will drop and eventually a crater will form on the surface.

Now that Salt Hole 86 is filled with boulders, Nubian doesn’t anticipate any problems in the future. “Our conclusion is that this cave migrated in the past, but this process naturally stopped several years ago,” van der Meer said.

Additional Measurements

He says the rock it fell into occupies more space than the combined bundle of salt and sand that was originally there. “And such a cave is not completely empty if we don’t get the salt out of it anymore,” says Van der Meer. “For example, it contains a lot of brine.”

In order to be fully certain of his findings, Nobian will make a number of additional measurements at Number 86 in the coming weeks. The company expects to be able to provide the final conclusion in April. Van der Meer: “We’re monitoring the underground situation anyway. The measurement network remains active.”

Another salt hole is filled

In addition to number 86, Cave 60 is also located under Twence’s waste piles at Hengelo. The investigation of this salt pit yielded no surprises. Over time, Nubian will settle in this cave.

To do this, the pit is filled with clay, a mixture containing lime and gypsum. With the number 86, this is not necessary, because it has already settled normally.

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