The Secretary-General of the United Nations visits Kyiv after Moscow. • Ukraine: a possible humanitarian corridor from Mariupol

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Vereshuk said there is a “possibility” that a humanitarian corridor from Mariupol will open today. “Wait for the official announcement tomorrow morning. If all goes well, I will confirm it,” she said Friday evening in an online message to residents of the southern port city. Mariupol has been surrounded by Russian forces for weeks. Several thousand people live without food, electricity, water and no access to medical facilities. Ukrainian soldiers are hiding in the steel plant in Azovstal, as are many residents of the city.

According to Vereshock, it was not possible to establish evacuation lanes on Friday due to the “risk on the roads”. She says she understands that it is difficult for the residents of Mariupol, because often attempts to evacuate fail. “But we have to try until it works,” she says.

yesterday announce The Russian Defense Ministry said Russia is ready to declare a ceasefire to allow Ukrainians to leave Mariupol. The Kremlin spoke of a “humanitarian pause to evacuate civilians.” Ukraine did not immediately respond to this proposal.

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