The semi-circle of the handball player from De Mortel: “The tournament with -1 men would be great” | sports area

Handball player Guus van den Heuvel is living his sporting dream at Bevo HC. At that club he became a regular force in the Beni-League and is among the players he used to look up to.

Gymnasium in de Mortel where he trained under his father’s supervision. Guus van den Heuvel’s handball dream bets were pushed hard into the ground there. Nowadays, this gym has been replaced by crowded sports halls across the country, and matches with our peers from our village have given way to playing with and against the handball players that Van den Heuvel used to see only on TV.

Van den Heuvel, who still lives in De Mortel, went to North Limburg at the age of 16 to play for Bivou HC in Banningen. The only goal: to be a key player in the beginning. When I was young, this was my dream: to play in the first pevo. I am definitely someone who strives to reach the highest level attainable, so I hope to be able to compete at that level for as long as possible,” the right-hander said.


Perhaps the best feature that Van den Heuvel has is that he knows his flaws. For example, he admired the Dutch handball team that made a great impression during the last European Championship. “The Dutch national team is a dream for me of course, but in my position there are left-handed players of better quality who play in one of the major European competitions in Germany, France or Denmark. I have to rely on my dedication and fanaticism. You can also go a long way with that.” , he says, laughing.

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The primary place that Van den Heuvel (24) has secured at Bevo HC since this season has never crossed his mind. ,, Since my arrival I played first for three years in youth and then four years with -2 men. Last year I joined the first team and I’m here now. ” In his words, the quality is not the best, but what do his colleagues need? “Shot the ball in. I can switch quickly from the counter-kick and I can score easily.”

Van den Heuvel currently plays for Bevaux HC in the Beni League, where they sit a disappointing ninth. Despite this, Brabander has made a positive impression in recent weeks, earning him a Man of the Match pick and a place in the Team of the Week. , that’s nice stuff, but I’m basically looking at the big picture. This ninth place is very disappointing. For now, it is important to close this season well and prepare well for the Dutch championship, which begins in April.


In the middle of the week, Van den Heuvel was injured, as a result of which he had to miss the meeting of Quintos from the south of the Netherlands (win 33-25) on Saturday. After this victory, the players of the Bevo HC team, including Van den Heuvel, indulged themselves in the game “The Wide” in Limburg. “This is Bivo too. We like to share the awards, but it’s also a fun and social association.”

With Van den Heuvel’s primary position now in Bevo, his handball circle is almost complete. , in principle, I have already realized my dream, I no longer have to play for another team. But I was the Dutch champion in the youth A and with the men 2. It would be very cool if this also worked for the men-1. With the current ninth place in the BENE-League, we’re not the favourite this year, but everything is very close to each other. There are definitely opportunities for us.”

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